Game of Thrones Finale: My Thoughts

Game of Thrones is the most influential show of the decade. People all over the world watch this show. Heck, even my cousins in the Philippines watched this series. And it finally came to a close. In this post, I want to go through some key points in the final episode and my overall thoughts on the season. Final warning: There will be spoilers!

Dany’s Madness

So in the last episode, we saw how far Dany really fell. Sure, she burned down pretty much all of King’s Landing, but I felt the real sign of this was that she thought she was doing the right thing. She thought that by burning the city as well as her plan to go after all of Westeros was saving them from tyranny. This showed how crazy she was getting and that she needed to be stopped before it got out of hand.

Now I thought this was a good twist in her character. Throughout the series, we were rooting for her and hoping to see her on the iron throne, only to fall to madness like her father. My only issue was that her madness developed too fast. As with lots of other things this season, this undevelopment of her character was really rushed. She only really went mad when she found out that Jon was her nephew and the true heir to the throne which was at the end of episode 2. She didn’t succumb to the madness until the middle of episode 5. It was such a short amount of time that while we all saw it coming, it wasn’t very well executed.

Jon’s Prophecy

Obviously, Jon was really in love with Dany. Only problem is, he knows they’re related and to him, and many others, that’s a bit weird. To Dany, it’s normal  because that’s how her family basically reproduced. Having Jon kill Dany and saying that she will always be his queen actually fulfilled the prophecy of Azor Ahai. I was actually happy about this because I felt like prophecies that were hinted at were all of a sudden being thrown out the window. The Azor Ahai being Jon/Dany and not Jaime/Cersei was also a nice twist.

The problem with how all of this is written is that they didn’t really develop Jon and Dany’s relationship too much. I felt like after a two years break, they needed to rekindle the love Jon and Dany had with each other to the audience. It would leave a much heavier impact for when Sam told Jon who he really is and how Jon sees Dany. Extending Dany’s downfall into madness while Jon continues his inner conflict about her would have made that scene of him killing her more emotional even though people felt like that would be how Dany died.

Bran The Broken

Ok this was probably the most random outcome of the show. I remember listening to a podcast and they joked about Bran being king and Tyrion being the hand. Oddly enough, that’s exactly what happened. I did hear there were spoilers that came out and people had already put lots of money for this to happen. I just can’t wrap my head around why Bran of all people deserve to be king. He literally didn’t do anything except become the Three Eyed Raven. I had predicted that Westeros would just be managed by a council or something and just have no king. I don’t feel Bran is deserving to be one nor did he not want to be one. But they did mention in a past episode that the person who should sit on the Iron Throne should be someone who didn’t want it. We all thought it was going to be Jon as he displayed this attitude constantly throughout the season and we all just overlooked Bran.

Jaime’s Legacy

I really liked that scene where Brienne was writing about Jaime’s accomplishments as a knight. Throughout the series, he was branded as the king slayer, even though his job was to protect the king no matter what. He went against his duty to the king and killed him in order to protect millions of citizens. I get what they were trying to do in that scene with Brienne writing in the book. In the end, he protected the queen, which is like cool and everything but it ruined all his character growth. Not to mention ruin our satisfaction of seeing Cersei get murdered.

I guess Jaime had always been a good man in the series. He just never had the opportunity to show it. Tyrion always said how nice Jaime had been to him. He pushed Bran in order to protect Cersei and his kids from being killed by Robert if he found out. He killed Aerys to protect the people of King’s Landing. He had always been pressured to do or believe things he may not think were good so his story may have just been his freedom to finally not be looked at as a villain.

Ser Podrick

You all doubted my boy Podrick but at the end of the series, he became a knight! This was unironically my biggest takeaway that got me all excited that I just wanted to mention it. The boy can sing, get women, drink and is now a knight. Best thing to come out of the series yet.


The series is no doubt the best story telling of a show ever. It had unexpected twists and turns, the world building was phenomenal and the characters were great. Season 8 took the best series ever and lazily rushed through it. Had the producers taken the extra budget and episodes from HBO, I feel like it could have been the best series of all time. As fans, we don’t deserve anything. But the cast, crew, and George RR Martin, this was something they did not deserve. They deserved a better written ending.

Anyways, I think this may be the last non-anime/non-esports related post in awhile so thank you all for bearing with me. But that is it for me. I’ll see you all next time!

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