Detective Pikachu: My Thoughts [SPOILERS]

Detective Pikachu will go down as one of the best live action film based off a video game, which to be honest, isn’t a high bar to cross. The only other video game based movie that was pretty good is the Resident Evil series and in my opinion, anything past Extinction is awful.

Detective Pikachu took one of my favorite video game franchise and brought to life. In this post, I want to throw out all the feelings I had on this movie. And warning, there will be spoilers!

First, I want to get the worst parts of this movie out of the way. First, the villain, Howard Clifford, the CEO of Clifford Enterprises and the person who created the foundation of Ryme City. Now he wasn’t that badly written. He was a guy who went all mad scientist after trying to find a cure for his illness. Instead of curing himself, he found a way to fuse humans and pokemon and thought that this was the only way humans can evolve. Now his premise is that bad and there were some clues throughout the film that pointed his direction, but I just feel like there was something lacking about him. Maybe lack of screen time or lack of conflicting value with the main character. Whatever it was, his impact to the overall story was really weak.

I did not like Lucy. Lucy is the intern who worked for Clifford Enterprises. Her character was random and honestly a bit cringey. I’m not sure if it was the writing or the actress but she took herself way too seriously in an uncomedic way. Apparently she was also Tim, the main character’s, love interest but there wasn’t any chemistry between the two characters. She also had very little screen time so it didn’t really help develop her at all.

The main character, Tim, was ok. The plot points were all there for him grow but I felt like it was executed poorly. I wish the story dove more into why the death of his mom made him not want to be a pokemon trainer anymore. Was his mom a known pokemon trainer? Was she a league champion? I felt like if they showed more of this, this part of his character would make more sense. His development was ok just not strong. Over time, he eventually let Pikachu ride on his shoulder and near the end of the movie, he even called him his partner. I thought was a cute little moment but if his conflict with not wanting to be a trainer was just that much stronger, this scene would have been more of an impact. Pikachu/Harry was the star of this movie. Ryan Reynolds really saved the movie in terms of characters. He was just a fun character overall. Granted his character development was just as bad as Tim’s character but his comedic takes and his synergy with Tim really made it better.

Now in my opinion, the overarching story was just second to what the movie was really about: the pokemon. The story was just a medium to show how humans interacted with pokemon and how pokemon would behave in our world. We got to see how pokemon are caught through that opening sequence with Tim and his friend trying to catch a cubone. During his travel to Ryme City, we see pokemon traveling around and even on the train. We see tons of pokemon just going about their day in Ryme City and with their human partners. There’s even a scene where people are doing underground pokemon battles, which is illegal in the city.

The CG depiction of the pokemon was perfect. They weren’t too realistic to the point where they were creepy but still capture how the pokemon would look in real life. Their behavior was spot on to what the original creators intended the pokemon to be. I felt like the people who worked on the pokemon not only had knowledge of each pokemon but also cared for them as well.

Overall I really liked the movie. It’s entertaining, it’s nostalgic and it’s the most anticipated movie of all time (inside joke). It’s not the best in story telling and writing but it respects the pokemon featured in the movie.

I know the last two posts were movie thoughts and the next one will probably be me ranting about Game of Thrones. I don’t want to turn this blog into an entertainment related one but Detective Pikachu and Avengers were some of my anticipated movies this year. Hope you enjoyed the read anyways! But that is it for me. I’ll see you all next time!

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