SPOILER ALERT: Avengers End Game Thoughts

Originally I was going to write both my thoughts of End Game and the Battle of Winterfell into one post. But I went on too long for End Game that I decided to just focus this post on Avengers End Game. There will be LOTS of spoilers on this so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend leaving the post now.

Avengers End Game

I want to talk about Avengers End Game first. The Marvel Cinematic Universe started before the Game of Thrones series so it’s kind of fitting. I know, the GoT books came out in the 90’s but we’re only focusing on the TV series. It’s crazy to think that the MCU started when I was still a junior in high school, continued through my college years, post college and then finally with me moving to a new state. I went through so many changes in life while this series progressed so when the ending finally came out, I felt like it was the end of a large part of my life, strange as that sounds.

Overall, the movie had everything I wanted: meaningful deaths with Tony Stark and Black Widow, throwbacks to the old MCU movies with the whole time travel thing, same old light hearted comedic moments, and a satisfying ending. Honestly, I was surprised that there were light hearted moments. I was expecting this to be “Logan” heavy. I guess it wouldn’t be an MCU film without it.

The premise of how they were going to get everyone back was close to what I had theorize, just not how it was executed. So I had a feeling that there had to be some kind of time travel because of the existence of the time stone. It ended up being Antman being the trigger to create a way to travel back in time and Tony to execute it. Those sequences were so much fun considering this is the last movie.

I was surprised there weren’t as many deaths as I expected, but the characters that did die were the best ones so to speak. Tony and Nat had the most to lose in this movie. Tony was finally able to settle down with Pepper and have a kid and Nat was doing good in the world and atoning for all her sins. What was happening in the world was more than them and they knew they had to fix it. Nat sacrificing herself to create the soul stone was the ultimate act of atonement and she knew if the plan worked, Clint would be able to be with his family again. Tony’s death definitely hit harder. Ever since the end of the first Avenger movie, Tony had suffered PTSD from battling aliens. He fought against his own friends just to keep Earth safe. He couldn’t settle down until he knew that nothing could harm him or his friends and family again. When they finally won the battle, it really got to me when Pepper told him that everything was going to be ok and that he can rest. Of course his body couldn’t handle the damage the stones did to him after he snapped and succumbed to his wounds. Tony had never found peace until that moment. This wasn’t really a death but I do want to also mention Steve Rogers’ finale. He stayed in the 1940s to live the life he never got to because of being frozen. It wasn’t as impactful at the deaths but it was definitely fitting.

So I do want to mention some of the things I did not like about the movie. First is Captain Marvel. I just don’t like her character and I hate the actress that plays her. She played such a pointless role in the whole story other than rescuing Tony and destroying Thanos’ ship. At the same time, I’m glad she had very little to do with the story and barely showed up. The female heroes helping Peter with the stones was so blatantly “woman power” that it was practically fan service. Lastly, Steve giving the Shield to Sam (Falcon) felt kind of underwhelming. I knew a lot people wanted it to go to Bucky, but I was ok with it going to Sam because it was like the sidekick moving up to be a hero. I just felt like they didn’t write Falcon well enough to leave a big impact.

And here’s some of my other favorite moments throughout the film:

  • Everyone reappearing and joining the big battle
  • Captain America wielding Thor’s hammer
  • Thor’s weight gain gag
  • The Ancient One. I just love her character so much
  • Hulk dab

Again, I enjoyed the movie overall. I think I cried on 5 different occasions throughout that 3 hour span and this is coming from someone who doesn’t normally cry in movies. I do want to talk about Game of Thrones but I might write one up when the series is over. Hope you all enjoyed the post. But that is it for me. I’ll see you all next time!

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