Far Cry New Dawn: Was It Worth It? [SPOILERS]

Not too long ago I finished playing Far Cry New Dawn on Twitch. The VOD of the ending of my play-through is available on YouTube, please check it out!

So for this post, I wanted to talk a little about my thoughts on the game. This is NOT a review. At least, I don’t consider it as one. I know I had given some of my thoughts at the end of the playthrough on stream, but it wasn’t really thought out and a bit incoherent. For those who don’t know, Far Cry New Dawn is set seventeen years after Far Cry 5. You play as the Captain, who is part of a group led by Thomas Rush, to help rebuild communities. The gameplay starts after being ambushed in Hope County by the Highwaymen. From there, you basically help Prosperity take back their lands from the Highwaymen.

My overall thoughts on Far Cry gameplay in general is positive. Now I’ve only played from Far Cry 3. The only one I hated was Far Cry Primal but I just pretend that game doesn’t exist. I love the open world and the different approaches you can make when liberating an outpost or attacking a patrol and saving random people. I even love going through all the side missions. And the story and particularly the villains and the choices I make definitely makes me more invested.

Now let’s talk about Far Cry New Dawn. First, I want to talk about the story. The story wasn’t as interesting as previous Far Cry games. The villains, Mickey and Lou, didn’t have that compelling characteristics past villains have. The thing about the past bad guys in these games is that they are so crazy whether it’s in their belief or mental stability and yet because of their charisma, people follow them. The Twins didn’t really have that. The world is already lawless and the Twins were just a couple of girls who grew up in it and embraced it. They didn’t really have that “definition of insanity” moment like Vaas or that bipolar characteristic of Pagan which made you scared of what he was going to do next. It sucks because the biggest part that makes Far Cry memorable are the villains especially when it comes to the story.

Next I want to talk about is the overall gameplay. I mean it’s the same Far Cry type of deal. Liberate outposts, free prisoners, hunt animals, and so on. There were some minor changes. For example, the hallucination sequences were not as prevalent. As far as I can remember, there was only one major one which is when you eat the fruit. Other than that, it was typical Far Cry. To me, that’s not a bad thing. I know lots of people are bored with the same old gameplay, but I personally hope they don’t change it if they make more Far Cry games. I’ll continue to buy if it means the gameplay is the same and they make great villains.

The weapon system was something I did not like. In past Far Cry games, you would buy the gun and the attachments with money you picked off of the dead or find. In this game, the weapons already have the attachments and the damage they do depend on their rank. There are 3 ranks and an elite rank to the guns. The only way to go up in rank is to upgrade the weapons bench by using ethanol, which you get from liberating outposts or stealing trucks. But you don’t just buy the gun. You have to find the materials needed to create the gun. I get what they were trying to do here. It’s the apocalypse, currency is irrelevant. But finding 4 types of materials throughout the county is just a chore.

Liberating outposts is better than past games. When you first find an outpost, it’s super easy to liberate. There’s usually or 2 alarms that are visible and can easily be sniped. The cool thing about this game is that you can liberate it again and get more ethanol. You can choose on the map to scavenge the outpost an additional two more times and each time, the bad guys are tougher and there alarms are harder to reach. But it’s just so satisfying seeing that slow motion moment after getting the last kill.

I agree with lots of people who say this game is a glorified DLC. I mean it literally is just a reskin of Far Cry 5 with a shorter main story line. But it’s not like we paid full price for the game. It was $10 cheaper than a full game at release. So was it worth it? For someone like me who genuinely enjoys all the Far Cry games (except Primal because that doesn’t exist in my world), yes it is worth it. To those who used to enjoy Far Cry games but find it repetitive now, I would say to skip it or wait until it’s cheaper. It’s not as good as all the other Far Cry games by a long shot, but still an enjoyable game overall.

Hope you enjoyed the read! I don’t know if I’ll do more posts where I give my thoughts on games but seeing as Far Cry is one of my favorite series, I wanted to do a post on it. Anyways, that is it for me. I’ll see you all next time!

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