What Anime I’ll Be Watching: Spring 2019!

That’s right folks, the spring season is right around the corner and after watching many trailers and looking a little bit into the series, here’s a list of anime I’ll be looking into. Now this doesn’t mean that I’ll follow these series to the very end. It just means that it sparked my interest. I’ll also be listing leftover series and new seasons of old shows at the very bottom of this list!


Kimetsu no Yaiba

One of the reasons why this fell into my radar was because it is going to be done by ufotable. And animation wise, you can’t go wrong with with them! You know going in that the animation is going to top tier. The story and the trailer looked interesting as well. It’s a good old fashion revenge series against demons following characters of different backgrounds and motivations. The manga is also in Weekly Shonen Jump so I can only expect a pretty decent and engaging story. The mangaka had only previously done one-shots so it’s kind of hard to really determine the quality of her storytelling but it’s worth checking out!


Fairy Gone

Another series where I saw the the studio and thought, “Guess I’ll check it out!” Fairy Gone will be done by PA Works and the premise of it is really interesting. It’s basically a story of Fairy Soldier veterans and how they integrate themselves into society after a war. Fairy Soldiers are human soldiers who had been infused with possessed animals and are able to summon them to fight. PA Works has had some decent original story series and some ok to mediocre one so hoping that this will have a good story!



I think the reason this show spoke to me was just how odd the premise is. I mean a Kappa takes the three main characters’ mythical organ through their anus and they have to get it back to the turn back into humans. Who wouldn’t want to watch a series where that is the catalyst that starts off the story! Based on the trailers, I will say that it does have a very fun wholesome feel to it with hopefully a lot of character development. I’m not sure if this is something I’ll keep up with but I’ll definitely try. Plus MAPPA hasn’t done us too wrong yet!

Now I want list some of the leftovers and new seasons I’ll also be watching!

  1. Rising of the Shield Hero
  2. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2
  3. One Punch Man Season 2
  4. Dororo
  5. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 3
  6. Fruits Basket (remake)

So after this, I’ll be making a “What I Am Watching” blog post similar to the Winter 2019 one I made a few months back. Basically, that post will be what I decided to keep up on and maybe there will be series I didn’t mention on this post. Hope you all enjoyed the read! But that is it for me. I’ll see you all next time!

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