Winter 2019 Anime I Am Watching

I want to share the anime series I am watching that came out in Winter 2019 and why you should watch it too. The list of anime mentioned in this blog will only be new series that started this season. For example, I’m still watching That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, but I won’t have a section for it since it’s a leftover from last season. Let’s get right into it!

shield hero

Rising of the Shield Hero. Oh boy another isekai show.

For those who don’t know, isekai means different world. Shows within this genre are about a person being sent to another world. Usually the main character dies and gets reincarnated or they are summoned. The world also typically has mmo characteristics to it.

Rising of the Shield Hero follows Naofumi Iwatani, a college student summoned to another world. He, alongside three others, were summoned as the four legendary heroes to protect the country from oncoming destructions that comes in Waves. Naofumi was summoned as the Shield Hero, a hero considered to be the weakest of the four. After a false rape accusation, Naofumi must prepare for the Waves despite being shunned by the people he must protect.

I’ve been reading the light novel for this series so I was really excited when this was announced. Every time an isekai is announced, people tend to have a “oh another one?” reaction to them. I personally enjoy isekai because they are usually derived from light novels. Light novels tend to have more freedom in how they tell a story. They can write a story that explores topics that are risky to do in anime and even manga. Rising of the Shield Hero does this exactly. In anime where the main character is shunned, it’s usually because they are cursed or possessed by a demon or something along those lines. Naofumi’s initial reason to be shunned takes on a more real life approach of being thought of as a rapist. Now  granted, further down the road, it becomes clear that the Shield Hero was never liked in the first place, but being accused for a disgusting crime he never committed makes it a lot harder for Naofumi. The Shield Hero starts with no attack abilities so it makes it difficult for him to level up if no one wants to fight alongside him. And unlike most anime characters whose drive is to defy the odds, Naofumi takes on a much darker route which you will see in the series.

As of writing this blog, I’ve only seen 3 episodes and so far it has done a very good job adapting the light novel. I’ve never read the manga so finally seeing the scenes come to life was really neat. If you enjoy the isekai genre or don’t mind it, then I highly recommend the series as I would put it at the top of isekais, alongside Log Horizon and Re:Zero. This is very heavy in the adventure fantasy genre so if that is something you’d be interested in, then give this a try.

Now to address the elephant in the room which is the controversy about this show. For now, all I can say is ignore the negative comments about it and just enjoy it for the entertainment that it is. I may do another post about this later down the line.

promised neverland

The Promised Neverland is going to be so hard to talk about without giving too much about the show, so I’ll make this short.

The show follows three children from an orphanage. One day, two of the main characters find out the truth about what lies beyond their safe and comfortable home. I know, that synopsis doesn’t give much. The first episode does answer what the kids find out so if you want to know a little more, I would recommend to watch episode one.

Now I didn’t know anything coming into this show. Ray had said that this was a show lots of people were hyped to watch and the manga is even published in Weekly Shonen Jump. This show is categorized as mystery, psychological, supernatural, thriller and horror. I can tell you that after seeing the last scene of episode one, you will feel your heart pounding. The director (Elfen Lied, Perfect Insider) really knew how to leave the audience feeling as helpless as the characters.

So I will leave it at that. Just watch the first episode at least.

quintessential quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets is my go to happy show this season. I’m almost certain all the new shows other than this one is all dark and dramatic.

The show follows Futaro Uesugi, a smart but poor high school student, who is hired for quite a lot of money to tutor a set of dumb, rich quintuplets. His goal is to make sure he gets all the girls to graduate high school. It’s fun and quirky and I really like it despite it being a typical harem.

I’m surprised to find out that this show was not based off of a dating sim game, but only a manga. It has all the makings of typical, generic dating sim: 5 different girls to choose form, 5 different personalities that emulate the different tropes in visual novel characters, the tutorial girl who’s just there to help you through the game but she does have a route too. It even shows flash forwards to Uesugi marrying one of the girls. It’s really just a fun, colorful show and  characters with well timed comedy. I might say this is ok to skip if harem shows are just too much for a person given that harems are just so overly saturated in anime. But being that the only good shows in my opinion are dark, this is a good show to have in your line-up to give yourself a break from the gloom.


The last show is Dororo. This is another show that I came in blind. I did not know the original source material came out over 50 years ago. I had very little knowledge about the mangaka who wrote this series. It wasn’t until I saw The Anime Man’s video about the the series that I learned more about it.

The story follows Hyakkimaru, an abandoned son of a feudal lord, and Dororo, an orphan. Hyakkimaru’s father forged a pact with demons so one day, he can rule the world. In return, each demon took part of his son’s, Hyakkimaru, body parts at his birth. Hyakkimaru is sent down the river on a boat so his father doesn’t kill him. Years later, Hyakkimaru, now with prosthetic parts, along with his new companion, Dororo, travel the land, killing the demons in order to get back his body parts.

I’m not really into historical anime. I just never really got into them. However, there was something different about Dororo compared to other historical series. The storytelling has a modern connotation to it despite it being 1. A historical genre and 2. A story written 50 years ago. Also, the opening sequence is AMAZING. The song is really good and the animation for it is well made. So even if you do not like the historical genre such as myself, I still recommend for you to try this series out at least.

And that’s it! That is all the new shows I’m watching this season. I hope you enjoy the read and hopefully this blog will sway you to watch some of these shows. Let me know what your thoughts about these shows in the comments. But that is it for me. I’ll see you all next time!

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